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New insights into island vegetation composition and species diversity—Consistent and conditional responses across contrasting insular habitats at the plot-scale

Methodology: Dirk Hattermann, Markus Bernhardt-RoÈmermann, Rolf Lutz Eckstein. Project administration: Markus Bernhardt-RoÈmermann, Annette Otte, Rolf Lutz Eckstein. Resources: Rolf Lutz Eckstein. Software ... Hattermann. Writing ± review & editing: Dirk Hattermann, Markus Bernhardt-RoÈmermann, Annette Otte, Rolf Lutz Eckstein. 19 / 22 20 / 22 SPOT5_HRG1_058-236-0_130615_095910 [Internet]. 2015. https

Restoration of floodplain meadows: Effects on the re-establishment of mosses

Harnisch, Annette Otte, Anna Bomanowska, Tobias W. Donath. 13 / 16 14. 14 / 16 15 / 16 1. Bakker JP , Berendse F. Constraints in the restoration of ecological diversity in grassland and heathland

Flooding tolerance of four floodplain meadow species depends on age

Numerous restoration campaigns focused on re-establishing species-rich floodplain meadows of Central Europe, whose species composition is essentially controlled by regular flooding. Climate change predictions expect strong alterations on the discharge regime of Europe’s large rivers with little-known consequences on floodplain meadow plants. In this study, we aim to determine the...

Effects of Reduced Summer Precipitation on Productivity and Forage Quality of Floodplain Meadows at the Elbe and the Rhine River

Background Floodplain meadows along rivers are semi-natural habitats and depend on regular land use. When used non-intensively, they offer suitable habitats for many plant species including rare ones. Floodplains are hydrologically dynamic ecosystems with both periods of flooding and of dry conditions. In German floodplains, dry periods may increase due to reduced summer...

Invasibility of a Nutrient-Poor Pasture through Resident and Non-Resident Herbs Is Controlled by Litter, Gap Size and Propagule Pressure

Since inference concerning the relative effects of propagule pressure, biotic interactions, site conditions and species traits on the invasibility of plant communities is limited, we carried out a field experiment to study the role of these factors for absolute and relative seedling emergence in three resident and three non-resident confamilial herb species on a nutrient-poor...