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Sigma-1 Agonist Binding in the Aging Rat Brain: a MicroPET Study with [11C]SA4503

Purpose Sigma-1 receptor ligands modulate the release of several neurotransmitters and intracellular calcium signaling. We examined the binding of a radiolabeled sigma-1 agonist in the aging rat brain with positron emission tomography (PET). Procedures Time-dependent uptake of [11C]SA4503 was measured in the brain of young (1.5 to 3 months) and aged (18 to 32 months) Wistar...

Measuring serotonin synthesis: from conventional methods to PET tracers and their (pre)clinical implications

The serotonergic system of the brain is complex, with an extensive innervation pattern covering all brain regions and endowed with at least 15 different receptors (each with their particular distribution patterns), specific reuptake mechanisms and synthetic processes. Many aspects of the functioning of the serotonergic system are still unclear, partially because of the difficulty...