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dbDEMC 2.0: updated database of differentially expressed miRNAs in human cancers

MicroRNAs (miRNAs) are often deregulated in cancer and are thought to play an important role in cancer development. Large amount of differentially expressed miRNAs have been identified in various cancers by using high-throughput methods. It is therefore quite important to make a comprehensive collection of these miRNAs and to decipher their roles in oncogenesis and tumor...

Dr.VIS v2.0: an updated database of human disease-related viral integration sites in the era of high-throughput deep sequencing

Dr.VIS is a database of human disease-related viral integration sites (VIS). The number of VIS has grown rapidly since Dr.VIS was first released in 2011, and there is growing recognition of the important role that viral integration plays in the development of malignancies. The updated database version, Dr.VIS v2.0 ( or