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On holographic Rényi entropy in some modified theories of gravity

Abstract We perform a detailed analysis of holographic entanglement Rényi entropy in some modified theories of gravity with four dimensional conformal field theory duals. First, we construct perturbative black hole solutions in a recently proposed model of Einsteinian cubic gravity in five dimensions, and compute the Rényi entropy as well as the scaling dimension of the twist...

Notes on melonic O(N)q−1 tensor models

Abstract It has recently been demonstrated that the large N limit of a model of fermions charged under the global/gauge symmetry group O(N)q−1 agrees with the large N limit of the SYK model. In these notes we investigate aspects of the dynamics of the O(N)q−1 theories that differ from their SYK counterparts. We argue that the spectrum of fluctuations about the finite temperature...

Holographic thermalization with Weyl corrections

We consider holographic thermalization in the presence of a Weyl correction in five dimensional AdS space. We first obtain the Weyl corrected black brane solution perturbatively, up to first order in the coupling. The corresponding AdS-Vaidya like solution is then constructed. This is then used to numerically analyze the time dependence of the two point correlation functions and...

Very general holographic superconductors and entanglement thermodynamics

We construct and analyze holographic superconductors with generalized higher derivative couplings, in single R-charged black hole backgrounds in four and five dimensions. These systems, which we call very general holographic superconductors, have multiple tuning parameters and are shown to exhibit a rich phase structure. We establish the phase diagram numerically as well as by...

Generalized holographic superconductors with higher derivative couplings

Anshuman Dey 0 Subhash Mahapatra 0 Tapobrata Sarkar 0 0 Department of Physics, Indian Institute of Technology , Kanpur 208016, India We introduce and study generalized holographic superconductors