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Do younger Sleeping Beauties prefer a technological prince?

, 2300 AX Leiden , The Netherlands 1 & Anthony F. J. van Raan In this paper we investigate recent Sleeping Beauties cited in patents (SBSNPRs). We find that the increasing trend of the relative number of

Sleeping beauties cited in patents: Is there also a dormitory of inventions?

Scientometrics Anthony F. J. van Raan 0 Anthony F. J. van Raan 0 0 Centre for Science and Technology Studies, Leiden University , Wassenaarseweg 62A, P.O. Box 905, 2300 AX Leiden , The Netherlands

Dormitory of Physical and Engineering Sciences: Sleeping Beauties May Be Sleeping Innovations

A ‘Sleeping Beauty in Science’ is a publication that goes unnoticed (‘sleeps’) for a long time and then, almost suddenly, attracts a lot of attention (‘is awakened by a prince’). The aim of this paper is to present a general methodology to investigate (1) important properties of Sleeping Beauties such as the time-dependent distribution, author characteristics, journals and fields...

Urban Scaling of Cities in the Netherlands

We investigated the socioeconomic scaling behavior of all cities with more than 50,000 inhabitants in the Netherlands and found significant superlinear scaling of the gross urban product with population size. Of these cities, 22 major cities have urban agglomerations and urban areas defined by the Netherlands Central Bureau of Statistics. For these major cities we investigated...

Universities Scale Like Cities

Recent studies of urban scaling show that important socioeconomic city characteristics such as wealth and innovation capacity exhibit a nonlinear, particularly a power law scaling with population size. These nonlinear effects are common to all cities, with similar power law exponents. These findings mean that the larger the city, the more disproportionally they are places of...

Exploring the Relationship between the Engineering and Physical Sciences and the Health and Life Sciences by Advanced Bibliometric Methods

We investigate the extent to which advances in the health and life sciences (HLS) are dependent on research in the engineering and physical sciences (EPS), particularly physics, chemistry, mathematics, and engineering. The analysis combines two different bibliometric approaches. The first approach to analyze the ‘EPS-HLS interface’ is based on term map visualizations of HLS...

Properties of journal impact in relation to bibliometric research group performance indicators

Anthony F. J. van Raan 0 0 A. F. J. van Raan (&) Centre for Science and Technology Studies, Leiden University , Wassenaarseweg 52, P.O. Box 9555, 2300 RB Leiden, The Netherlands In this paper we

Citation Analysis May Severely Underestimate the Impact of Clinical Research as Compared to Basic Research

basic and diagnostic research. - Competing Interests: Nees Jan van Eck, Ludo Waltman, and Anthony F. J. van Raan are affiliated with the Centre for Science and Technology Studies of Leiden University

The “Mendel syndrome” in science: durability of scientific literature and its effects on bibliometric analysis of individual scientists

Rodrigo Costas 0 Thed N. van Leeuwen 0 Anthony F. J. van Raan 0 0 R. Costas (&) T. N. van Leeuwen A. F. J. van Raan Center for Science and Technology Studies (CWTS), Leiden University , P.O. Box 905

Severe language effect in university rankings: particularly Germany and France are wronged in citation-based rankings

We applied a set of standard bibliometric indicators to monitor the scientific state-of-arte of 500 universities worldwide and constructed a ranking on the basis of these indicators (Leiden Ranking 2010). We find a dramatic and hitherto largely underestimated language effect in the bibliometric, citation-based measurements of research performance when comparing the ranking based...

Searching for converging research using field to field citations

Reindert K. Buter Ed. C. M. Noyons Anthony F. J. Van Raan We define converging research as the emergence of an interdisciplinary research area from fields that did not show interdisciplinary

On the correlation between bibliometric indicators and peer review: reply to Opthof and Leydesdorff

Opthof and Leydesdorff (Scientometrics, 2011) reanalyze data reported by Van Raan (Scientometrics 67(3):491–502, 2006) and conclude that there is no significant correlation between on the one hand average citation scores measured using the CPP/FCSm indicator and on the other hand the quality judgment of peers. We point out that Opthof and Leydesdorff draw their conclusions based...

Towards a new crown indicator: an empirical analysis

We present an empirical comparison between two normalization mechanisms for citation-based indicators of research performance. These mechanisms aim to normalize citation counts for the field and the year in which a publication was published. One mechanism is applied in the current so-called crown indicator of our institute. The other mechanism is applied in the new crown...