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Fermionic SPT phases in higher dimensions and bosonization

JHE Fermionic SPT phases in higher dimensions and Pasadena U.S.A. Berkeley U.S.A. Anton Kapustin 1 Ryan Thorngren 0 Field Theories, Topological States of Matter 0 Department of Mathematics

Equivariant topological quantum field theory and symmetry protected topological phases

Short-Range Entangled topological phases of matter are closely related to Topological Quantum Field Theory. We use this connection to classify Symmetry Protected Topological phases in low dimensions, including the case when the symmetry involves time-reversal. To accomplish this, we generalize Turaev’s description of equivariant TQFT to the unoriented case. We show that...

State sum constructions of spin-TFTs and string net constructions of fermionic phases of matter

It is possible to describe fermionic phases of matter and spin-topological field theories in 2+1d in terms of bosonic “shadow” theories, which are obtained from the original theory by “gauging fermionic parity”. The fermionic/spin theories are recovered from their shadow by a process of fermionic anyon condensation: gauging a one-form symmetry generated by quasi-particles with...

Theta, time reversal and temperature

SU(N ) gauge theory is time reversal invariant at θ = 0 and θ = π. We show that at θ = π there is a discrete ’t Hooft anomaly involving time reversal and the center symmetry. This anomaly leads to constraints on the vacua of the theory. It follows that at θ = π the vacuum cannot be a trivial non-degenerate gapped state. (By contrast, the vacuum at θ = 0 is gapped, non-degenerate...

Coupling a QFT to a TQFT and duality

Anton Kapustin 1 Nathan Seiberg 0 0 School of Natural Sciences, Institute for Advanced Study , Princeton, NJ 08540, U.S.A 1 California Institute of Technology , Pasadena, CA 91125, U.S.A We

Fermionic symmetry protected topological phases and cobordisms

It has been proposed recently that interacting Symmetry Protected Topological Phases can be classified using cobordism theory. We test this proposal in the case of Fermionic SPT phases with \( {\mathrm{\mathbb{Z}}}_2 \) symmetry, where \( {\mathrm{\mathbb{Z}}}_2 \) is either time-reversal or an internal symmetry. We find that cobordism classification correctly describes all known...

Generalized global symmetries

A q-form global symmetry is a global symmetry for which the charged operators are of space-time dimension q; e.g. Wilson lines, surface defects, etc., and the charged excitations have q spatial dimensions; e.g. strings, membranes, etc. Many of the properties of ordinary global symmetries (q = 0) apply here. They lead to Ward identities and hence to selection rules on amplitudes...