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4D scattering amplitudes and asymptotic symmetries from 2D CFT

We reformulate the scattering amplitudes of 4D flat space gauge theory and gravity in the language of a 2D CFT on the celestial sphere. The resulting CFT structure exhibits an OPE constructed from 4D collinear singularities, as well as infinite-dimensional Kac-Moody and Virasoro algebras encoding the asymptotic symmetries of 4D flat space. We derive these results by recasting 4D...

Holography of the BTZ black hole, inside and out

We propose a 1+1 dimensional CFT dual structure for quantum gravity and matter on the extended 2 + 1 dimensional BTZ black hole, realized as a quotient of the Poincaré patch of AdS3. The quotient spacetime includes regions beyond the singularity, “whiskers”, containing timelike and lightlike closed curves, which at first sight seem unphysical. The spacetime includes the usual AdS...