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Convergent synthesis of 13N-labelled Peptidic structures using aqueous [13N]NH3

Blower et al. EJNMMI Radiopharmacy and Chemistry 13 Convergent synthesis of N-labelled 13 Peptidic structures using aqueous [ N]NH 3 Julia E. Blower Samuel F. Cousin Antony D. Gee Background

Open letter to journal editors on: International Consensus Radiochemistry Nomenclature Guidelines

London , London , UK 2 National Institute of Mental Health , Bethesda , USA 3 Research Centre Jülich , Jülich , Germany 4 Antony D. Gee 5 Yours sincerely , Heinz H. Coenen and Antony D. Gee 6 Ludwig

[18F]tetrafluoroborate as a PET tracer for the sodium/iodide symporter: the importance of specific activity

Background [18F]BF4 −, the first 18F-labelled PET imaging agent for the sodium/iodide symporter (NIS), was produced by isotopic exchange yielding a product with limited specific activity (SA, ca. 1 GBq/μmol) posing a risk of sub-optimal target-to-background ratios (TBR) in PET images due to saturation of NIS in vivo. We sought to quantify this risk and to develop a method of...