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On the trajectories of null and timelike geodesics in different wormhole geometries

The paper deals with an extensive study of null and timelike geodesics in the background of wormhole geometries. Starting with a spherically symmetric spacetime, null geodesics are analyzed for the Morris–Thorne wormhole (WH) and photon spheres are examined in WH geometries. Both bounded and unbounded orbits are discussed for timelike geodesics. A similar analysis has been done...

Clasp knife in the gut: a case report

Background A wide range of foreign bodies has been retrieved from the gut and reported. The presentation may be in the form of complications like intestinal obstruction, perforation and formation of abscesses etc but there is no case report of a half open clasp knife being retrieved from the ileum, the patient having thrived, in spite of its presence for a period of eight months...