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Rapid Immunization Against H5N1: A Randomized Trial Evaluating Homologous and Cross-Reactive Immune Responses to AS03A-Adjuvanted Vaccination in Adults

Background. Accelerated immunization schedules may help gain early control of influenza pandemics. We investigated different schedules of an AS03A-adjuvanted H5N1 vaccine. Methods. This phase II, open-label, 6-month study randomized participants (aged 18–64 years) to 2 vaccine doses administered 21 (standard schedule), 14, or 7 days apart, or on the same day. Coprimary end points ...

Extended antigen sparing potential of AS03-adjuvanted pandemic H1N1 vaccines in children, and immunological equivalence of two formulations of AS03-adjuvanted H1N1 vaccines: results from two randomised trials

Ping Li Adrian Caplanusi Anuradha Madan Paul Gillard David W Vaughn Background: Pandemic influenza vaccine manufacturing capacity and distribution agility is enhanced through the availability of

Epigenetic regulation of maspin expression in the human placenta

Maspin, a tumour suppressor gene, is differentially expressed in the human placenta. Decreased expression of maspin in the first trimester corresponds with the period of maximum trophoblast invasion, suggesting a role in cell invasion and motility. Although methylation of CpG islands regulates maspin expression in cancer cells, the mechanism of maspin regulation in the human ...