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Sexual behavior and testis morphology in the BACHD rat model

. Acknowledgments We thank Tina Roenisch, Patrycja Bambynek-Dziuk and Celina Tomczak for their help with animal genotyping. Author Contributions Conceptualization: Arianna Novati, Huu Phuc Nguyen. Data curation ... : Arianna Novati, Huu Phuc Nguyen. Formal analysis: Arianna Novati. Funding acquisition: Huu Phuc Nguyen. Investigation: Arianna Novati, Irene Gonzalez Menendez. Methodology: Huu Phuc Nguyen. Project

BACHD rats expressing full-length mutant huntingtin exhibit differences in social behavior compared to wild-type littermates

help with tissue collection. We would like to thank Celina Tomczak and Patrycja Bambynek-Dziuk for the animal genotyping. Author Contributions Conceptualization: Giuseppe ManfreÂ, Arianna Novati ... , Johanneke E. Van der Harst, Huu Phuc Nguyen, Judith R. Homberg. 15 / 18 Formal analysis: Giuseppe ManfreÂ, Arianna Novati, Ilaria Faccini, Andrea C. Rossetti, Kari Bosch. Funding acquisition: Huu Phuc

Structural and molecular myelination deficits occur prior to neuronal loss in the YAC128 and BACHD models of Huntington disease

White matter (WM) atrophy is a significant feature of Huntington disease (HD), although its aetiology and early pathological manifestations remain poorly defined. In this study, we aimed to characterize WM-related features in the transgenic YAC128 and BACHD models of HD. Using diffusion tensor magnetic resonance imaging (DT-MRI), we demonstrate that microstructural WM...