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Best proximity points for proximal contractive type mappings with C-class functions in S-metric spaces

In this paper, we use the concept of C-class functions to establish the best proximity point results for a certain class of proximal contractive mappings in S-metric spaces. Our results extend and improve some known results in the literature. We give examples to analyze and support our main results.

Some fixed point results for non-decreasing and mixed monotone mappings with auxiliary functions

The purpose of this paper is to provide sufficient conditions for the existence and uniqueness of fixed points for non-decreasing and mixed monotone mappings with auxiliary functions in the framework of metric space endowed with a partial order. As applications of our results we obtain several interesting corollaries and fixed point theorems in the underlying spaces. In order to...

C-class functions with new approach on coincidence point results for generalized \((\psi ,\varphi )\) -weakly contractions in ordered b-metric spaces

In this paper, by using the C-class functions and a new approach we present some coincidence point results for four mappings satisfying generalized \((\psi ,\phi )\)-weakly contractive condition in the setting of ordered b-metric spaces. Also, an application and example are given to support our results.