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The Weak Gravity Conjecture and the axionic black hole paradox

In theories with a perturbatively massless 2-form (dual to an axion), a paradox may arise in the process of black hole evaporation. Schwarzschild black holes can support a non-trivial Wilson-line-type field, the integral of the 2-form around their horizon. After such an ‘axionic black hole’ evaporates, the Wilson line must be supported by the corresponding 3-form field strength...

Flat monodromies and a Moduli Space Size Conjecture

We investigate how super-Planckian axions can arise when type IIB 3-form flux is used to restrict a two-axion field space to a one-dimensional winding trajectory. If one does not attempt to address notoriously complicated issues like Kähler moduli stabilization, SUSY-breaking and inflation, this can be done very explicitly. We show that the presence of flux generates flat...

Can gravitational instantons really constrain axion inflation?

Axions play a central role in inflationary model building and other cosmological applications. This is mainly due to their flat potential, which is protected by a global shift symmetry. However, quantum gravity is known to break global symmetries, the crucial effect in the present context being gravitational instantons or Giddings-Strominger wormholes. We attempt to quantify, as...

Axion monodromy and the weak gravity conjecture

Axions with broken discrete shift symmetry (axion monodromy) have recently played a central role both in the discussion of inflation and the ‘relaxion’ approach to the hierarchy problem. We suggest a very minimalist way to constrain such models by the weak gravity conjecture for domain walls: while the electric side of the conjecture is always satisfied if the cosine-oscillations...

Precision unification and proton decay in F-theory GUTs with high scale supersymmetry

Arthur Hebecker 1 James Unwin 0 0 Department of Physics, University of Notre Dame, 225 Nieuwland Science Hall , Notre Dame, IN 46556, U.S.A 1 Institut fur Theoretische Physik, Universitat

Dark Radiation predictions from general Large Volume Scenarios

Arthur Hebecker Patrick Mangat Fabrizio Rompineve Lukas T. Witkowski Recent observations constrain the amount of Dark Radiation (Neff ) and may even hint towards a non-zero value of Neff . It is