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Suppressed HF Behaviour in the Periodic Anderson Model

The periodic Anderson model is applied to 4 electrons on 4 sites with periodic boundary conditions. We applied magnetic field to the localized forbitals, Eσf. The number of electrons is taken to be one per site and the interactions between different sites is restricted to nearest neighbors. The many body eigenvalues are calculated exactly using exact diagonalization technique. We...

Specific Heat Behavior in the Kondo Lattice Model With Hybridization Interaction Under Low Temperature Regimes

A finite size analysis of the Kondo lattice model with hybridization interaction between localized and extended orbitals using the exact diagonalization technique has brought more insight into the specific heat behavior of the heavy fermion (HF) systems under low temperature regimes. The specific heat under the antiferromagnetic region of temperatures below 3k is lower than that...