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Vector bin-and-cancel for MIMO distributed full-duplex

In a multi-input multi-output (MIMO) full-duplex network, where an in-band full-duplex infrastructure node communicates with two half-duplex mobiles supporting simultaneous up- and downlink flows, the inter-mobile interference between the up- and downlink mobiles limits the system performance. We study the impact of leveraging an out-of-band side channel between mobiles in such...

Spatial degrees-of-freedom in large-array full-duplex: the impact of backscattering

The key challenge for in-band full-duplex wireless communication is managing self-interference. Many designs have employed spatial isolation mechanisms, such as shielding or multi-antenna beamforming, to isolate the self-interference waveform from the receiver. Because such spatial isolation methods confine the transmit and receive signals to a subset of the available space, the...

Interference management with mismatched partial channel state information

We study the fundamental limits of communications over multi-layer wireless networks where each node has only limited knowledge of the channel state information. In particular, we consider the scenario in which each source-destination pair has only enough information to perform optimally when other pairs do not interfere. Beyond that, the only other information available at each...

Slotted Gaussian Multiple Access Channel: Stable Throughput Region and Role of Side Information Vaneet

Aggarwal 1 Ashutosh Sabharwal 0 0 Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering, Rice University , Houston, TX 77005 , USA 1 Department of Electrical Engineering, Princeton University , Princeton, NJ 08544

On Building a Cooperative Communication System: Testbed Implementation and First Results

We present the results from over-the-air experiments of a complete implementation of an amplify and forward cooperative communications link. Our custom OFDM-based physical layer uses a distributed version of the Alamouti block code, where the relay sends one of the branches of Alamouti-encoded symbols. First we show analytically and experimentally that amplify and forward...