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Do Uric Acid Deposits in Zooxanthellae Function as Eye-Spots?

The symbiosis between zooxanthellae (dinoflagellate genus Symbiodinium) and corals is a fundamental basis of tropical marine ecosystems. However the physiological interactions of the hosts and symbionts are poorly understood. Recently, intracellular crystalline deposits in Symbiodinium were revealed to be uric acid functioning for nutrient storage. This is the first exploration of ...

Protoceratium reticulatum in northern Japan: environmental factors associated with seasonal occurrence and related contamination of yessotoxin in scallops

In 2003, an occurrence of the yessotoxin (YTX)-producing dinoflagellate, Protoceratium reticulatum, and resultant toxin concentration in scallops was monitored in Okkirai Bay, northern Japan. The occurrence peaked after 1 July and reached a maximum density (400 cells L−1) on 16 July. It occurred over a wide range of water temperature and inorganic nutrient concentrations and was ...