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Assessment of mitigation strategies as tools for risk management under future uncertainties: a multi-model approach

Although the world understands the possible threat of the future of climate changes, there remain serious barriers to be resolved in terms of policy decisions. The scientific and the societal uncertainties in the climate change policies must be the large part of this barrier. Following the Paris Agreement, the world comes to the next stage to decide the next actions. Without a...

A case of iatrogenic pneumothorax in which chest tube placement could be avoided by intraoperative evaluation with transthoracic ultrasonography

, Atsushi Kurosawa, Takayuki Kunisawa Department of Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine, Asahikawa Medical University, Asahikawa, Hokkaido, Japan Abstract: We report a case of iatrogenic pneumothorax in

Target-controlled infusion and population pharmacokinetics of landiolol hydrochloride in patients with peripheral arterial disease

Naoki Honda,4 Atsushi Kurosawa,2 Ami Sugawara,2 Yoshikazu Tasaki,5 Hiroshi Iwasaki2 1Surgical Operation Department, Asahikawa Medical University Hospital, Asahikawa, Japan; 2Department of Anesthesiology ... th lu a m n fro rso d e ldeao rpoF PowerdbyTCPDF( O R i g i n a l R e s e a R C h akio Yamagishi 2 Manabu suno 3 susumu n akade4 n aoki honda 4 atsushi Kurosawa 2 ami sugawara 2 hiroshi

The dexmedetomidine concentration required after remifentanil anesthesia is three-fold higher than that after fentanyl anesthesia or that for general sedation in the ICU

Fujimoto,2 Atsushi Kurosawa,2 Michio Nagashima,2 Koji Matsui,2 Dai Hayashi,2 Kunihiko Yamamoto,2 Yuya Goto,2 Hiroaki Akutsu,3 Hiroshi Iwasaki21Surgical Operation Department, Asahikawa Medical University

Population pharmacokinetics of olprinone in healthy male volunteers

Population pharmacokinetics of olprinone in healthy male volunteers Takayuki Kunisawa,1 Hidefumi Kasai,2 Makoto Suda,2 Manabu Yoshimura,3 Ami Sugawara,3 Yuki Izumi,3 Takafumi Iida,3 Atsushi Kurosawa