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A phase I study of pazopanib in combination with escalating doses of 131I in patients with well-differentiated thyroid carcinoma borderline refractory to radioiodine

Objective This trial was conducted to evaluate the ability of pazopanib to overcome therapeutic 131I resistance. Materials, methods and patients This phase 1 trial assesses the combination of pazopanib and escalating doses of radioiodine (131I) in patients with recurrent or metastatic thyroid cancer that are borderline or relatively iodine refractory. Radioiodine uptake scans...

Direct Type I IFN but Not MDA5/TLR3 Activation of Dendritic Cells Is Required for Maturation and Metabolic Shift to Glycolysis after Poly IC Stimulation

Type I IFN signaling is indispensable for the maturation of dendritic cells (DCs) that are required to elicit an immune response, and it also controls a shift in cellular metabolism to meet the increased energy demands of DC maturation.