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Salt sorption on regenerated cellulosic fibers: electrokinetic measurements

Streaming potential measurements were conducted on lyocell and viscose fibers, to determine the relative order in sorption extents of salt cations and anions. The sorption of K+ was greater than Na+ ions, and the sorption extents of the anions, Cl− and Br−, were similar. Previously, we had examined accessibility of the same ions in the fibers, and found them to follow the order...

Alkali pretreatments and crosslinking of lyocell fabrics

Lyocell fabrics were pretreated with NaOH, KOH and LiOH and subsequently crosslinked with three urea–formaldehyde based crosslinkers DMDHEU, DMeDHEU and DMU. The mechanical properties varied with the alkali concentration in fabrics crosslinked after pretreatment with 2–8 mol/l NaOH and 4 mol/l LiOH. In fabrics crosslinked after pretreatment with 2–8 mol/l KOH and 1–3 mol/l LiOH...