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Humic Acid Enhances Wound Healing in the Rat Palate

Introduction. Humic acid was previously shown to enhance cutaneous wound healing and show antibacterial properties; however, it has not been used for wound healing in the oral cavity. Thus, the goal of this study was the evaluation of the effect of the humic acid on the healing of excisional wounds in an experimental rat study. Materials and Methods. A circular wound on mid...

The effect of fixed appliances on oral malodor from beginning of treatment till 1 year

Background Orthodontic appliances can enhance plaque accumulation, and this can cause gingival inflammation. Halitosis of oral origin is associated with microbial metabolism on the tongue and in the saliva, dental plaque, and the amount of volatile sulfide-containing compounds. This study used a Halimeter to investigate fixed orthodontic therapy-associated increases in the oral...