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Low physical activity is related to clustering of risk factors for fracture—a 2-year prospective study in children

Summary The study investigates the effect of physical activity (PA) on a composite score for fracture risk in pre-pubertal children. Low PA in children is related to the composite score for fracture risk and the pre-pubertal years seem to be a period when PA positively affects the score. Introduction This study evaluates if PA in children is related to clustering of risk factors...

Recent hip fracture trends in Sweden and Denmark with age-period-cohort effects

Clinical Sciences, Skåne University Hospital Malmö, Lund University , 205 02 Malmö , Sweden 2 B. E. Rosengren 3 Department of Medicine, Holbaek Hospital , 4300 Holbaek , Denmark 4 MRC Lifecourse

My mother was saved from hip fracture by treatment for osteoporosis, but will I be?—Implications on risk estimates from successful osteoporosis treatment

B. E. Rosengren M. K. Karlsson - Recently, the question of the validity of FRAX measurements [1] in individuals treated with osteoporosis pharmacotherapy has been discussed [2]. I would like to