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Early changes in transient adenosine during cerebral ischemia and reperfusion injury

(R01NS076875) to BJV. Author Contributions Conceptualization: B. Jill Venton. Data curation: Mallikarjunarao Ganesana. Funding acquisition: B. Jill Venton. Investigation: Mallikarjunarao Ganesana ... . Methodology: Mallikarjunarao Ganesana. Supervision: B. Jill Venton. Validation: Mallikarjunarao Ganesana. Visualization: Mallikarjunarao Ganesana. Project administration: Mallikarjunarao Ganesana, B. Jill

Characterization of Spontaneous, Transient Adenosine Release in the Caudate-Putamen and Prefrontal Cortex

Adenosine is a neuroprotective agent that inhibits neuronal activity and modulates neurotransmission. Previous research has shown adenosine gradually accumulates during pathologies such as stroke and regulates neurotransmission on the minute-to-hour time scale. Our lab developed a method using carbon-fiber microelectrodes to directly measure adenosine changes on a sub-second time...