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Tests of the Stability of Chinese RhFe Resistance Thermometers at Low Temperatures

Rhodium–iron resistance thermometers are recommended as precise thermometers at temperatures below 25 K. The thermometers were developed at the National Physical Laboratory and produced by H. Tinsley and Co Ltd almost 50 years ago. Later, they were made by other companies and institutes as well, but despite this, the availability of the thermometers decreased and a new source of...

Comparison of the Argon Triple-Point Temperature in Small Cells of Different Construction

. Kołodziej 0 0 Instytut Niskich Temperatur i Badan ́ Strukturalnych PAN , Wrocław , Poland The argon triple point (T90 = 83.8058 K) is a fixed point of the International Temperature Scale of Preston-Thomas

Argon Triple-Point Device for Calibration of SPRTs

This paper presents an apparatus for the calibration of long-stem platinum resistance thermometers at the argon triple point \((T_{90} = 83.8058\,\hbox {K})\), designed at the Institute of Low Temperature and Structural Research, Poland (INTiBS). A hermetically sealed cell filled at the Istituto Nazionale di Ricerca Metrologica, Italy with high purity gas (6N) is the main element...