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Body composition determinants of radiation dose during abdominopelvic CT

Objectives We designed a prospective study to investigate the in-vivo relationship between abdominal body composition and radiation exposure to determine the strongest body composition predictor of dose length product (DLP) at CT. Methods Following institutional review board approval, quantitative analysis was performed prospectively on 239 consecutive patients who underwent...

Comparing accelerometer, pedometer and a questionnaire for measuring physical activity in bronchiectasis: a validity and feasibility study?

Background There are challenges for researchers and clinicians to select the most appropriate physical activity tool, and a balance between precision and feasibility is needed. Currently it is unclear which physical activity tool should be used to assess physical activity in Bronchiectasis. The aim of this research is to compare assessment methods (pedometer and IPAQ) to our...

Opportunities for nanotheranosis in lung cancer and pulmonary metastasis

Malignancies of the lungs, both primary and metastatic, are the leading cause of death worldwide. Over 1.5 million new cases of primary lung cancer are diagnosed annually worldwide with a dismal 5-year survival rate of approximately 15 %, which remains unchanged despite major efforts and medical advances. As expected, survival for patients with lung metastases is even worse at...