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Intensive Management Strategies to Close Wheat Yield Gaps in Central Kansas

Winter wheat is the most widely sown crop in Kansas, and yields had not surpassed 50 bushels per acre until 2015-16, when average state wheat yield was 57 bushels per acre. However, recent estimates of the long-term winter wheat yield potential in central Kansas indicate that it lies around 75 bushels per acre. A particular crop’s yield gap in a given region is determined by the...

Timing and Positioning of Simulated Hail Damage Effects on Wheat Yield in Kansas

providing funds necessary to perform this research. Authors R. Lollato, B. R. Jaenisch, R. Maeoka, A. de Oliveira Silva, and C. Sciarresi This Wheat article is available in Kansas Agricultural Experiment

Wheat Variety Response to Seed Cleaning Method and Pesticide Seed Treatment Following a Growing Season with Severe Infestation of Fusarium Head Blight

Fusarium head blight (scab) is a common concern in eastern and central Kansas. Wheat seed quality might be compromised following a growing season with severe infestation of scab. Our objectives were to evaluate the effects of variety, seed cleaning method, and seed treatment, on wheat stand establishment and yield following a growing season where scab was severe. A trial was...