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Optimum low complexity filter bank for generalized orthogonal frequency division multiplexing

Generalized frequency division multiplexing (GFDM) is one of the multicarrier modulation candidates proposed for the 5th generation of wireless networks. Among GFDM linear receivers, GFDM MMSE receiver achieves the best error performance for multipath fading channels at the cost of high numerical complexity. Hence, the combination of GFDM match filter (MF) receiver and double...

Adaptive access and rate control of CSMA for energy, rate, and delay optimization

In this article, we present a cross-layer adaptive algorithm that dynamically maximizes the average utility function. A per stage utility function is defined for each link of a carrier sense multiple access-based wireless network as a weighted concave function of energy consumption, smoothed rate, and smoothed queue size. Hence, by selecting weights we can control the trade-off...

A Distributed Cross-Layer Optimization Method for Multicast in Interference-Limited Multihop Wireless Networks

Mohammad H. Amerimehr 1 Babak H. Khalaj 1 Pedro M. Crespo 0 0 Centro de Estudios e Investigaciones T cnicas de Gipuzkoa (CEIT) and Tecnun, University of Navarra , Manuel de Lardizabal 15, 20018 San