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Dynamic Characteristics Analysis of Vehicle Incorporating Hydraulically Interconnected Suspension System with Dual Accumulators

2522, Australia 3Automotive Research Institute, Hefei University of Technology, Hefei 230009, China Correspondence should be addressed to Bangji Zhang; moc.621@gnahzijgnab Received 10 April 2018

Model Reduction Technique Tailored to the Dynamic Analysis of a Beam Structure under a Moving Load

This study presents a technique that uses a model reduction method for the dynamic response analysis of a beam structure to a moving load, which can be modeled either as a moving point force or as a moving body. The nature of the dedicated condensation method tailored to address the moving load case is that the master degrees of freedom are reselected, and the coefficient...

A New Physical Parameter Identification Method for Two-Axis On-Road Vehicles: Simulation and Experiment

A new physical parameter identification method for two-axis on-road vehicle is presented. The modal parameters of vehicle are identified by using the State Variable Method. To make it possible to determine the matrices , , and of the vehicle, a known mass matrix is designed to add into the vehicle in order to increase the number of equations ensuring that the number of equations...