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Plastic Design Theory of Frozen Wall Thickness in an Ultradeep Soil Layer Considering Large Deformation Characteristics

Frozen wall design theory is a key technique of the freezing method. However, previous design theories for a deep artificial frozen wall have neglected the influence of shaft flank displacement, that is, the displacement of the inner boundary of a frozen wall. Thus, the associated designs tend to be unsafe and earthwork excavations tend to be underestimated. This study builds a...

Location-Dependent Prediction of Dynamic Stability Limit for Peripheral Milling of Surfaces with Variable Curvatures

should be addressed to Baosheng Wang; moc.361@hsoabw Received 13 September 2017; Revised 15 January 2018; Accepted 21 February 2018; Published 3 May 2018 Academic Editor: Mickaël Lallart Copyright ... © 2018 Baosheng Wang et al. This is an open access article distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided

Unbounded and revocable hierarchical identity-based encryption with adaptive security, decryption key exposure resistant, and short public parameters

://, Baosheng Wang (study design, and decision to publish is his role); and National Key Research and Development Program 1 Introduction Revocation functionality is indispensable to (H)IBE since ... Development Program 2017YFB0802301. 74 / 76 Formal analysis: Qianqian Xing, Xiaofeng Wang, Jing Tao. Funding acquisition: Baosheng Wang, Xiaofeng Wang. Investigation: Qianqian Xing, Xiaofeng Wang, Jing Tao

VR-Cluster: Dynamic Migration for Resource Fragmentation Problem in Virtual Router Platform

Network virtualization technology is regarded as one of gradual schemes to network architecture evolution. With the development of network functions virtualization, operators make lots of effort to achieve router virtualization by using general servers. In order to ensure high performance, virtual router platform usually adopts a cluster of general servers, which can be also...

Long-Term Diabetes Mellitus Is Associated with an Increased Risk of Pancreatic Cancer: A Meta-Analysis

Purpose Previous studies have shown a bidirectional relationship between diabetes and pancreatic cancer (PC). In particular, new-onset diabetes might be induced by PC, and people with long-term diabetes might be at increased risk for the development of PC. The purpose of our study was to examine whether long-term diabetes represented an independent risk factor for PC development...

Impact of Geography and Climate on the Genetic Differentiation of the Subtropical Pine Pinus yunnanensis

Southwest China is a biodiversity hotspot characterized by complex topography, heterogeneous regional climates and rich flora. The processes and driving factors underlying this hotspot remain to be explicitly tested across taxa to gain a general understanding of the evolution of biodiversity and speciation in the region. In this study, we examined the role played by historically...

Polyploid evolution in Oryza officinalis complex of the genus Oryza

Background Polyploidization is a prominent process in plant evolution, whereas the mechanism and tempo-spatial process remained poorly understood. Oryza officinalis complex, a polyploid complex in the genus Oryza, could exemplify the issues not only for it covering a variety of ploidy levels, but also for the pantropical geographic pattern of its polyploids in Asia, Africa...