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Clinical reassessment of human embryo ploidy status between cleavage and blastocyst stage by Next Generation Sequencing

. Author Contributions Conceptualization: Alberto LiñaÂn, Barbara Lawrenz, Ibrahim El Khatib, Human M. Fatemi. Investigation: Alberto LiñaÂn, Ibrahim El Khatib, Asina Bayram, Ana Arnanz. 9 / 13 Methodology ... : Alberto LiñaÂn, Ibrahim El Khatib, Rupali Chopra. Writing ± original draft: Alberto LiñaÂn, Barbara Lawrenz. Writing ± review & editing: Carmen Rubio, Human M. Fatemi. 10 / 13 21. Wells D. Next

Individual luteolysis pattern after GnRH-agonist trigger for final oocyte maturation

Final oocyte maturation using GnRH-agonist trigger in a GnRH-antagonist protocol is increasingly common, as ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome is almost completely avoided. However, this approach might lead to reduced pregnancy rates due to severe luteolysis. This proof of concept study evaluated the extend of luteolysis by measuring progesterone levels 48 hours after oocyte...

Fertility preservation in women—a practical guide to preservation techniques and therapeutic strategies in breast cancer, Hodgkin’s lymphoma and borderline ovarian tumours by the fertility preservation network FertiPROTEKT

Purpose Fertility preservation methods are playing an increasing role in women up to the age of 40 years because of rising survival rates in those affected by cancer. However, balanced practical recommendations concerning all relevant fertility preservation, to support doctors in counselling and treating patients, are still rare. Methods These recommendations were prepared by the...