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A comparative study of hourly and daily relationships between selected meteorological parameters and airborne fungal spore composition

Air sampling was conducted in Szczecin (Poland) throughout April–September 2013. The final data set included 177 daily and 4248 hourly samples. The total of 21 types of spores, which occurred in a number >10 in the season, were taken into account. The following meteorological parameters were analyzed: air temperature, relative humidity, precipitation and wind speed. Effects of...

Effects of meteorological factors on the composition of selected fungal spores in the air

Agnieszka Grinn-Gofron 0 Beata Bosiacka 0 0 A. Grinn-Gofron (&) B. Bosiacka Department of Plant Taxonomy and Phytogeography, Faculty of Biology, University of Szczecin , Waska 13 Street, 71-415

Macro- and Microelement Content and Other Properties of Chaenomeles japonica L. Fruit and Protective Effects of Its Aqueous Extract on Hepatocyte Metabolism

This growing interest in the cultivation of Japanese quince Chaenomeles japonica L. results from the potentially beneficial properties of its fruit. Fresh fruits are very firm and too acidic to eat raw, but their bioactive components, distinctive aroma, and high amount of dietary fiber make the fruits well suited for industrial processing. However, not all the properties of the...

Do biogeographic parameters matter? Plant species richness and distribution of macrophytes in relation to area and isolation of ponds in NW Polish agricultural landscape

Effects of pond size and isolation on total vascular plant species richness and number of obligate wetland species were compared. Subsequently, the potential for the presence of spatial patterns in wetland species distribution among ponds in an agricultural landscape was explored. Relationships between species richness and two main biogeographic parameters were analysed using...