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Postmortem radiological case series of acetabular fractures after fatal aviation accidents

The purpose of this study was to describe radiological fracture patterns of the acetabulum sustained after fatal small aircraft aviation accidents, aiming at facilitating a better understanding of trauma mechanisms in a forensic setting. Postmortem conventional radiographs or CT scans of 29 victims of 20 small aircraft aviation accidents were analyzed for skeletal acetabular...

The radiodensity of cerebrospinal fluid and vitreous humor as indicator of the time since death

Purpose After death, a series of changes occur naturally in the human body in a fairly regular pattern. These postmortem changes are detectable on postmortem CT scans (PMCT) and may be useful in estimating the postmortem interval (PMI). The purpose of our study is to correlate the PMCT radiodensities of the cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) and vitreous humor (VH) to the PMI. Methods...