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Trust-based Modelling of Multi-criteria Crowdsourced Data

As a recommendation technique based on historical user information, collaborative filtering typically predicts the classification of items using a single criterion for a given user. However, many application domains can benefit from the analysis of multiple criteria, e.g. tourists usually rate attractions (hotels, attractions, restaurants, etc.) using multiple criteria. In this...

Developing an aquaponics system to learn sustainability and social compromise skills

Journal of Technology and Science Education. Vol 2013-6374 DEVELOPING AN AQUAPONICS SYSTEM TO LEARN SUSTAINABILITY AND SOCIAL COMPROMISE SKILLS Abel J. Duarte 0 Benedita Malheiro 0 Cristina Ribeiro ... Institute of Porto, and a researcher of REQUIMTE/LAQV. His research interests include sustainable development, biochemical systems and engineering education. Benedita Malheiro was born in September 16, 1965

Learning sustainability by developing a solar dryer for microalgae retrieval

-271. Benedita Malheiro was born in September 16, 1965. She holds a five-year degree in electrical engineering followed by an M.Sc. and a Ph.D. in electrical and