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Substance P signalling in primary motor cortex facilitates motor learning in rats

, learning related expression of the precursor Tac1 occurs at early but not at later timepoints during a reaching training. 9 / 13 Author Contributions Conceptualization: Benjamin Hertler, Manuel Buitrago ... Blanco. Data curation: Benjamin Hertler. Formal analysis: Jonas Aurel Hosp, Andreas RuÈdiger Luft. Funding acquisition: Andreas RuÈdiger Luft. Investigation: Benjamin Hertler, Jonas Aurel Hosp, Manuel

Dopamine in Motor Cortex Is Necessary for Skill Learning and Synaptic Plasticity

Preliminary evidence indicates that dopamine given by mouth facilitates the learning of motor skills and improves the recovery of movement after stroke. The mechanism of these phenomena is unknown. Here, we describe a mechanism by demonstrating in rat that dopaminergic terminals and receptors in primary motor cortex (M1) enable motor skill learning and enhance M1 synaptic...