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In memory of Bernhard Schätz, long- time friend and SoSyM editor

. Bernhard Rumpe had known Barnie already from his studies, but became a closer friend when collaborating intensively at the SSE group. From the beginning, Bernhard Schätz was at the core of the SSE group ... using formal methods in highly practical projects. Manfred Broy, Bernhard Rumpe Bernhard in his element: One of his favourites was to hike in the mountains. The picture is donated by Bernhard’s family

How to write a successful SoSyM submission

share in the responsibilities—Bernhard Rumpe concentrates mainly on submissions for Special Issues and Expert Voices, and Jeff Gray supervises the Regular paper submissions. Assistant Editors Geri Georg

SoSyM reflections of 2016: a journal status report

2 University of Alabama , Tuscaloosa, AL , USA Bernhard Rumpe - 1 2016 summary statistics The submission and publication statistics for 2016 suggest an increased interest in SoSyM as a venue for

Editorial for the SoSyM issue 2015/03

-Chief; responsible for regular papers Bernhard Rumpe, Editor-in-Chief; responsible for special and theme sections, and expert voices Marsha Chechik, Martin Gogolla, Jean-Marc Jezequel, Associate Editors

Special section of SoSyM dedicated to 50 years of Petri nets

Robert France 0 Bernhard Rumpe 0 0 R. France Colorado State University , Fort Collins, CO , USA - Very few concepts of computer science are so closely linked to the names of their creators as

Modeling big smart data

Large volumes of data are generated continuously by billions of human data producers, sensors, surveillance systems, communication devices and networks (e.g., the Internet). Proper analysis of this data can lead to new scientific insights, new products and services, more creative outputs (e.g., new recipes, music scores, fashion styles), improved performance of business and civic...

Model-based lifecycle management of software-intensive systems, applications, and services

Robert France 0 Bernhard Rumpe 0 0 R. France Colorado State University , Fort Collins, Colorado, USA - The lifecycle of a successful system is the time period that covers all activities associated

The evolution of modeling research challenges

Robert France 0 Bernhard Rumpe 0 0 B. Rumpe RWTH Aachen University , Aachen, Germany - In 2007 ICSE hosted a track called Future of Software Development (FOSD). We were invited to write and

The journal on Software and Systems Modeling Matures

Robert France 0 Bernhard Rumpe 0 0 R. France Colorado State University , Fort Collins, Colorado, USA - In the early to mid 1990s, the plethora of object-oriented methods were drew attention to ... series of UML conferences with the UML workshop held in Mulhouse, France. In 1999, we (Robert France and Bernhard Rumpe) ran the second edition as an IEEECS sponsored UML conference in Colorado, USA. These