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Honokiol suppresses pancreatic tumor growth, metastasis and desmoplasia by interfering with tumor–stromal cross-talk

The poor clinical outcome of pancreatic cancer (PC) is largely attributed to its aggressive nature and refractoriness to currently available therapeutic modalities. We previously reported antitumor efficacy of honokiol (HNK), a phytochemical isolated from various parts of Magnolia plant, against PC cells in short-term in vitro growth assays. Here, we report that HNK reduces...

MicroRNA-150 directly targets MUC4 and suppresses growth and malignant behavior of pancreatic cancer cells

Pancreatic cancer (PC) has the worst prognosis among all cancers due to its late diagnosis and lack of effective therapies. Therefore, identification of novel gene targets, which are differentially expressed in PC and functionally involved in malignant phenotypes, is critical to achieve early diagnosis and development of effective therapeutic strategies. We have shown previously...