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A critical appraisal of the quality of adult dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry guidelines in osteoporosis using the AGREE II tool: An EuroAIM initiative

2013 to 2016. Alberto Tagliafico is current Chair of the Research Committee of the ESSR. Bianca Bignotti and Carmelo Messina are members of the Research Committee of the ESSR. Giuseppe Guglielmi, Carmelo ... Messina, and Catherine M. Phan are members of the Osteoporosis Subcommittee of the ESSR. In the EuroAIM working group, Francesco Sardanelli is the current chair and Bianca Bignotti, Carmelo Messina, Luca

Breast findings incidentally detected on body MRI

Objectives To evaluate breast findings incidentally detected on body MRI. Methods A retrospective review of the institutional database identified 1752 body MRI performed between January 2015 and September 2015. MRI of women with breast tissue visible in the field-of-view were reviewed for breast findings. Breast findings were classified with the breast imaging reporting and data ...

Breast Density Assessment Using a 3T MRI System: Comparison among Different Sequences

Purpose To compare MRI sequences for breast density measurements on a 3T MRI system using IDEAL (Iterative Decomposition of water and fat with Echo Asymmetry and Least squares estimation) as possible physiology-like reference. Materials and Methods MRI examination was performed in 48 consecutive patients (mean age 41, years; range, 35–67 years) on a 3.0T scanner and 46 were ...