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Biodiversity conservation values of fragmented communally reserved forests, managed by indigenous people, in a human-modified landscape in Borneo

. Kuda, Michiko Nakagawa, Hidetoshi Nagamasu, Tohru Nakashizuka. Formal analysis: Yayoi Takeuchi. Funding acquisition: Yayoi Takeuchi. Investigation: Yayoi Takeuchi, Ryoji Soda, Bibian Diway, Tinjan ak ... . Kuda. Methodology: Yayoi Takeuchi. Project administration: Yayoi Takeuchi, Bibian Diway. 12 / 14 Writing ± original draft: Yayoi Takeuchi. Writing ± review & editing: Yayoi Takeuchi, Ryoji Soda. 13

Geographic origin and individual assignment of Shorea platyclados (Dipterocarpaceae) for forensic identification

The development of timber tracking methods based on genetic markers can provide scientific evidence to verify the origin of timber products and fulfill the growing requirement for sustainable forestry practices. In this study, the origin of an important Dark Red Meranti wood, Shorea platyclados, was studied by using the combination of seven chloroplast DNA and 15 short tandem...

Wide Host Ranges of Herbivorous Beetles? Insights from DNA Bar Coding

There are very few studies that have investigated host-specificity among tropical herbivorous insects. Indeed, most of the trophic interactions of herbivorous insects in Southeast Asian tropical rainforests remain unknown, and whether polyphagous feeding is common in the herbivores of this ecosystem has not been determined. The present study employed DNA bar coding to reveal the...

In Situ Enzyme Activity in the Dissolved and Particulate Fraction of the Fluid from Four Pitcher Plant Species of the Genus Nepenthes

The genus Nepenthes, a carnivorous plant, has a pitcher to trap insects and digest them in the contained fluid to gain nutrient. A distinctive character of the pitcher fluid is the digestive enzyme activity that may be derived from plants and dwelling microbes. However, little is known about in situ digestive enzymes in the fluid. Here we examined the pitcher fluid from four...

Molecular database for classifying Shorea species (Dipterocarpaceae) and techniques for checking the legitimacy of timber and wood products

The extent of tropical forest has been declining, due to over-exploitation and illegal logging activities. Large quantities of unlawfully extracted timber and other wood products have been exported, mainly to developed countries. As part of the export monitoring effort, we have developed methods for extracting and analyzing DNA from wood products, such as veneers and sawn timbers...