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Napoleon Dynamite

" Journal of Religion & Film: Vol. 9: Iss. 2 Journal of Religion & Film Bill Jenkins Crichton College - For many of us, high school was a time in our lives we'd rather not dwell on too much

Flight of the Phoenix

This is a review of Flight of the Phoenix (2004).

Jesus Christ, Superstar? Why the Gospels Don’t Make Good Movies

" Journal of Religion & Film: Vol. 12: Iss. 2 Journal of Religion & Film Bill Jenkins Crichton College - Article 3 Abstract Though movies based on the Gospels might be entertaining and even

Neptunism and Transformism: Robert Jameson and other Evolutionary Theorists in Early Nineteenth-Century Scotland

This paper sheds new light on the prevalence of evolutionary ideas in Scotland in the early nineteenth century and establish what connections existed between the espousal of evolutionary theories and adherence to the directional history of the earth proposed by Abraham Gottlob Werner and his Scottish disciples. A possible connection between Wernerian geology and theories of the...

Orientational anisotropy in the human visual system

A global pattern/randomness threshold was used to investigate orientational anisotropy in the human visual system. Dynamic transpositionally symmetric textures were used, since they allowed the investigation of three theoretically derived variables, size, orientational uniformity, and numerosity, independently and in interaction. The detectability of correlation, as indexed by...

Component processes in the perception of bilaterally symmetric dot textures

BILL JENKINS 0 0 University of Western Australia , Nedlands , Australia If a random-dot texture is reflected about a given axis, the resulting bilateral symmetry is immediately detected. In order to

Temporal limits to the detection of correlation in transpositionally symmetric dynamic dot textures

Adding a delay within spatially correlated point-pairs constituting a dynamic transpositionally symmetric texture has three distinct perceptual outcomes (the specific outcome depending on the size of the delay): global pattern, coherent motion, and apparent randomness. The temporal limits for global pattern and coherent motion were measured for eight different values of the...

Redundancy in the perception of bilateral symmetry in dot textures

BILL JENKINS 0 1 0 This research was supported by a grant from the Australian Research Grants Committee to the author. H. J. Jenkins is thanked for her constructive criticism and research assistance