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Reported selection criteria for adult acquired flatfoot deformity and posterior tibial tendon dysfunction: Are they one and the same? A systematic review

. Supporting information S1 Checklist. PRISMA checklist. (DOC) S1 Table. Categories used in Table 1. (PDF) Author Contributions Conceptualization: Megan H. Ross, Michelle D. Smith, Bill Vicenzino. Formal ... analysis: Megan H. Ross. 11 / 17 Supervision: Michelle D. Smith, Bill Vicenzino. Writing ± original draft: Megan H. Ross. Writing ± review & editing: Megan H. Ross, Michelle D. Smith, Bill Vicenzino. 12

Facilitatory and inhibitory pain mechanisms are altered in patients with carpal tunnel syndrome

Foundation. Author Contributions Conceptualization: Benjamin Soon, Bill Vicenzino, Annina B. Schmid, Michel W. Coppieters. Data curation: Benjamin Soon. Formal analysis: Benjamin Soon. Funding acquisition ... : Michel W. Coppieters. Investigation: Benjamin Soon. Methodology: Benjamin Soon, Bill Vicenzino, Michel W. Coppieters. Supervision: Bill Vicenzino, Michel W. Coppieters. Writing ± original draft

Adults with patellofemoral pain do not exhibit manifestations of peripheral and central sensitization when compared to healthy pain-free age and sex matched controls – An assessor blinded cross-sectional study

Matthews, Kay Crossley, Bill Vicenzino. Data curation: Michael Skovdal Rathleff, Camilla Rams Rathleff, Rebecca Mellor, Mark Matthews, Bill Vicenzino. Formal analysis: Michael Skovdal Rathleff, Camilla ... Rams Rathleff, Rebecca Mellor, Mark Matthews, Bill Vicenzino. Funding acquisition: Michael Skovdal Rathleff. Investigation: Michael Skovdal Rathleff, Camilla Rams Rathleff, Rebecca Mellor, Mark

Exercise Professionals with Advanced Clinical Training Should be Afforded Greater Responsibility in Pre-Participation Exercise Screening: A New Collaborative Model between Exercise Professionals and Physicians

Professional Standards Advisory Council; and Neil Smart is Chair, ESSA Research Committee. Andrew Maiorana, Andrew Williams, Itamar Levinger and Bill Vicenzino declare that they have no conflicts of interest

No abatement of steroid injections for tennis elbow in Australian General Practice: A 15-year observational study with random general practitioner sampling

Objective Evaluate general practitioner (GP) management of tennis elbow (TE) in Australia. Methods Data about the management of TE by GPs from 2000 to 2015 were extracted from the Bettering the Evaluation of Care of Health program database. Patient and GP characteristics and encounter management data were classified by the International Classification of Primary Care, version 2...

Non-surgical treatment of hallux valgus: a current practice survey of Australian podiatrists

Background Patients with hallux valgus (HV) frequently present to podiatrists for non-surgical management, with a wide range of concerns including pain, footwear difficulty and quality of life impacts. There is little research evidence guiding podiatrists’ clinical decisions surrounding non-surgical management of HV. Thus practitioners rely largely upon clinical experience and...

Orthosis-Shaped Sandals Are as Efficacious as In-Shoe Orthoses and Better than Flat Sandals for Plantar Heel Pain: A Randomized Control Trial

Objective To investigate efficacy of a contoured sandal being marketed for plantar heel pain with comparison to a flat flip-flop and contoured in-shoe insert/orthosis. Method 150 volunteers aged 50 (SD: 12) years with plantar heel pain (>4 weeks) were enrolled after responding to advertisements and eligibility determined by telephone and at first visit. Participants were randomly...

The relationship of foot and ankle mobility to the frontal plane projection angle in asymptomatic adults

Background The frontal plane projection angle (FPPA) is frequently used as a measure of dynamic knee valgus during functional tasks, such as the single leg squat. Increased dynamic knee valgus is observed in people with knee pathologies including patellofemoral pain and anterior cruciate injury. As the foot is the primary interface with the support surface, foot and ankle...

A radiographic and anthropometric study of the effect of a contoured sandal and foot orthosis on supporting the medial longitudinal arch

Background In-shoe foot orthoses improve conditions such as plantar heel pain (fasciitis), probably due to their ability to raise the medial longitudinal arch of the foot and lower the stress on the plantar tissues. Increasingly the arch-profile form of the in-shoe foot orthosis is being incorporated into sandal footwear, providing an alternative footwear option for those who...

A study of the immediate effects of glycerine-filled insoles, contoured prefabricated orthoses and flat insoles on single-leg balance, gait patterns and perceived comfort in healthy adults

Background Footwear interventions are often prescribed to assist with the management of lower limb pain, injury and disease. Commercially available shoe insoles and orthoses are increasingly incorporating novel design features to alleviate foot and lower limb symptoms, but this may be at a cost to optimal functional performance. This study compared the immediate effects of...

Is there a relationship between foot pain and severity of deformity in hallux valgus?

Sheree Nix 0 Bill Vicenzino 0 Michelle Smith 0 0 School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences (Physiotherapy), The University of Queensland , St Lucia, Brisbane, QLD, 4075 , Australia 2011 Nix et

Prevalence of hallux valgus in the general population: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Background Hallux valgus (HV) is a foot deformity commonly seen in medical practice, often accompanied by significant functional disability and foot pain. Despite frequent mention in a diverse body of literature, a precise estimate of the prevalence of HV is difficult to ascertain. The purpose of this systematic review was to investigate prevalence of HV in the overall population...

Augmented low-Dye tape alters foot mobility and neuromotor control of gait in individuals with and without exercise related leg pain

Background Augmented low-Dye (ALD) tape is frequently used in the management of lower limb musculoskeletal pain and injury, yet our knowledge of its effect is incomplete, especially in regard to its neuromotor effects. Methods We measured electromyographic (EMG) activity of twelve lower limb muscles, three-dimensional kinematics of the ankle, knee, hip and pelvis, foot posture...

Can foot anthropometric measurements predict dynamic plantar surface contact area?

Background Previous studies have suggested that increased plantar surface area, associated with pes planus, is a risk factor for the development of lower extremity overuse injuries. The intent of this study was to determine if a single or combination of foot anthropometric measures could be used to predict plantar surface area. Methods Six foot measurements were collected on 155...

Arch height change during sit-to-stand: an alternative for the navicular drop test

Correction to McPoil TG, Cornwall MW, Medoff L, Vicenzion B, Fosberg K, Hilz D. Arch height change during sit-to-stand: an alternative for the navicular drop test. Journal of Foot and Ankle Research 2008; 1:3.

Reliability and normative values for the foot mobility magnitude: a composite measure of vertical and medial-lateral mobility of the midfoot

Background A study was conducted to determine the reliability and minimal detectable change for a new composite measure of the vertical and medial-lateral mobility of the midfoot called the foot mobility magnitude. Methods Three hundred and forty-five healthy participants volunteered to take part in the study. The change in dorsal arch height between weight bearing and non-weight...