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Rail Transit Development of the Pearl River Delta Planning, Obstacles and History

A new round of regional planning was conducted from 2014 to 2016 by the provincial government of Guangdong, providing an overview of the regional transportation development and history. Major problems in the Pearl River Delta (PRD) railway network are identified: the inconsistencies between railway planning and land use, lack of transit-oriented regional policy, issues regarding...

Holographic subregion complexity under a thermal quench

Abstract We study the evolution of holographic subregion complexity under a thermal quench in this paper. From the subregion CV proposal in the AdS/CFT correspondence, the subregion complexity in the CFT is holographically captured by the volume of the codimension-one surface enclosed by the codimension-two extremal entanglement surface and the boundary subregion. Under a thermal...

Autonomic function as indicated by heart rate deceleration capacity and deceleration runs in type 2 diabetes patients with or without essential hypertension

Autonomic function as indicated by heart rate deceleration capacity and deceleration runs in type 2 diabetes patients with or without essential hypertension Xing-De Wang,1 Li Zhou,1 Chao-Yu Zhu,2 Bin

A Positive Feedback Loop of Profilin-1 and RhoA/ROCK1 Promotes Endothelial Dysfunction and Oxidative Stress

Vascular endothelial dysfunction is considered critical development in the progression of cardiovascular events and is associated with vascular damage and oxidative stress. Previous studies have shown that profilin-1 could be induced by advanced glycation end products (AGEs) and contributes to vascular hyperpermeability; however, the mechanisms are not fully understood. In this...

Precursory strong-signal characteristics of the convective clouds of the Central Tibetan Plateau detected by radar echoes with respect to the evolutionary processes of an eastward-moving heavy rainstorm belt in the Yangtze River Basin

The integrated analysis of the data from a C-band frequency-modulated continuous-wave (C-FMCW) radar site in Naqu obtained during a rainstorm over the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River and the data concerning the three-dimensional structure of the circulation of the precipitation system that occurred over the lower reaches of the Yangtze River Basin during the Third...

Chronic oscillating glucose challenges disarrange innate immune homeostasis to potentiate the variation of neutrophil–lymphocyte ratio in rats with or without hidden diabetes mellitus

* Rui Yan,2* Huanjun Tong,3* Jitai Zhang,1 Bin Chen,4 Xiangyang Xue,5 Jue Wang,6 Maoping Chu,7 Shengwei Jin,8 Ming Li1 1Cardiac Regeneration Research Institute, Wenzhou Medical University, Wenzhou, China

Candidate genes for first flower node identified in pepper using combined SLAF-seq and BSA

and pools using association analysis based Euclidean distance or SNP-index. (DOCX) Author Contributions Data curation: Heshan Du. Funding acquisition: Fenglan Zhang. Project administration: Bin ... Chen, Fenglan Zhang, Haiying Zhang, Qian Wang. Supervision: Haiying Zhang, Qian Wang, Sansheng Geng. Writing ± original draft: Xiaofen Zhang, Guoyun Wang. Writing ± review & editing: Xiaofen Zhang

Corrections to holographic entanglement plateau

We investigate the robustness of the Araki-Lieb inequality in a two-dimensional (2D) conformal field theory (CFT) on torus. The inequality requires that ΔS = S(L) − |S(L − ℓ) − S(ℓ)| is nonnegative, where S(L) is the thermal entropy and S(L − ℓ), S(ℓ) are the entanglement entropies. Holographically there is an entanglement plateau in the BTZ black hole background, which means...

Static Gauss-Bonnet black holes at large D

We study the static black holes in the large D dimensions in the Gauss-Bonnet gravity with a cosmological constant, coupled to the Maxewell theory. After integrating the equation of motion with respect to the radial direction, we obtain the effective equations at large D to describe the nonlinear dynamical deformations of the black holes. From the perturbation analysis on the...

The extended BLMSSM with a 125 GeV Higgs boson and dark matter

To extend the BLMSSM, we not only add exotic Higgs superfields \((\Phi _{NL},\varphi _{NL})\) to make the exotic lepton heavy, but also introduce the superfields (Y,\(Y^\prime \)) having couplings with lepton and exotic lepton at tree level. The obtained model is called as EBLMSSM, which has difference from BLMSSM especially for the exotic slepton (lepton) and exotic sneutrino...

Einstein-Gauss-Bonnet black strings at large D

We study the black string solutions in the Einstein-Gauss-Bonnet(EGB) theory at large D. By using the 1/D expansion in the near horizon region we derive the effective equations that describe the dynamics of the EGB black strings. The uniform and non-uniform black strings are obtained as the static solutions of the effective equations. From the perturbation analysis of the...

Comparative genomics of chemosensory protein genes (CSPs) in twenty-two mosquito species (Diptera: Culicidae): Identification, characterization, and evolution

mosquito species, as estimated by HyPhy and PAML. (XLS) Author Contributions Conceptualization: Ting Mei, Bin Chen. Formal analysis: Ting Mei, Wen-Bo Fu, Zheng-Bo He, Bin Chen. Funding acquisition: Bin ... Chen. Investigation: Ting Mei, Wen-Bo Fu, Bo Li, Zheng-Bo He, Bin Chen. Methodology: Wen-Bo Fu, Zheng-Bo He, Bin Chen. Supervision: Bin Chen. Writing ± original draft: Ting Mei, Bin Chen. Writing

Kinematic space and wormholes

The kinematic space could play a key role in constructing the bulk geometry from dual CFT. In this paper, we study the kinematic space from geometric points of view, without resorting to differential entropy. We find that the kinematic space could be intrinsically defined in the embedding space. For each oriented geodesic in the Poincaré disk, there is a corresponding point in...

RNA sequencing identifies gene expression profile changes associated with β-estradiol treatment in U2OS osteosarcoma cells

RNA sequencing identifies gene expression profile changes associated with beta-estradiol treatment in U2OS osteosarcoma cells Bin Chen, Zude Liu, Jidong Zhang, Hantao Wang, Bo Yu Department of ... , school of Medicine, shanghai Jiao Tong University , shanghai, People's republic of china 1 Bin chen Zude liu Jidong Zhang hantao Wang Bo Yu This study was conducted to identify gene expression profile

On the mutual information in conformal field theory

In this work, we study the universal behaviors in the mutual information of two disjoint spheres in a conformal field theory (CFT). By using the operator product expansion of the spherical twist operator in terms of the conformal family, we show that the large distance expansion of the mutual information can be cast in terms of the conformal blocks. We develop the 1/n...