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KD-S SiCf/SiC composites with BN interface fabricated by polymer infiltration and pyrolysis process

Haibin ZHANG Xiaosong ZHOU Bin LI 0 0 Science and Technology on Advanced Ceramic Fibers and Composites Laboratory, National University of Defense Technology , Changsha, Hunan 410073 , China 1 Innovation

Functional and evolutionary implications from the molecular characterization of five spermatophore CHH/MIH/GIH genes in the shrimp Fenneropenaeus merguiensis

Wang, Siuming F. Chan. Funding acquisition: LiLi Shi, Siuming F. Chan. Investigation: Bin Li, Ting Ting Zhou, Siuming F. Chan. Methodology: Siuming F. Chan. Project administration: Wei Wang, Siuming F ... . Chan. Supervision: Siuming F. Chan. Validation: Bin Li, Siuming F. Chan. Writing ± original draft: Siuming F. Chan. Writing ± review . . . editing: Siuming F. Chan. 15 / 17 16 / 17 vannamei. Gen Comp

Video abstract system based on spatial-temporal neighborhood trajectory analysis algorithm

516007 , China 1 South China University of Technology , Guangzhou, Guangdong 510006 , China 2 Bin Li born in 1991, MR, Student of School of Software Engineering, South China University of Technology , SCUT

In vitro antioxidant capacities of eight different kinds of apples and their effects on lipopolysaccharide-induced oxidative damage in mice

: Shuang Guo. Formal analysis: Shuang Guo, Shurui Chou. Funding acquisition: Bin Li. Methodology: Shuang Guo. Project administration: Shuang Guo, Huijun Cui. Software: Shuang Guo, Yuehua Wang, Dongnan

Effect of low and high HDL-C levels on the prognosis of lupus nephritis patients: a prospective cohort study

Few data has been available on the effect of serum HDL-C levels on the prognosis of lupus nephritis (LN) patients. The present study therefore aimed to explore the effect of serum HDL-C levels on LN patients. We included 775 patients with follow-up information registered in an LN database between 1 January 2006 and 31 December 2011. The patients were divided into groups with low...

Synthesis of Al4SiC4 powders via carbothermic reduction: Reaction and grain growth mechanisms

Highly pure Al4SiC4 powders were prepared by carbothermic reduction at 2173 K using Al2O3, SiO2, and graphite as raw materials. The obtained Al4SiC4 powders owned hexagonal plate-like grains with a diameter of about 200–300 μm and a thickness of about 2–6 μm. Based on the experimental results, the reaction of Al4SiC4 formation and grain evolution mechanisms were determined from...

Anteromedial versus transtibial technique in single-bundle autologous hamstring ACL reconstruction: a meta-analysis of prospective randomized controlled trials

The aim of this study was to compare the clinical outcome and postoperative complication between single-bundle anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) reconstruction with an anteromedial (AM) technique and a transtibial (TT) technique. The study includes clinical randomized controlled trials comparing the clinical outcomes of ACL reconstruction using the autologous hamstring tendon with...

Erratum to: “Non-isothermal crystallization kinetics of Fe2O3–CaO–SiO2 glass containing nucleation agent P2O5/TiO2”

1063-7745 Erratum to: “Non-Isothermal Crystallization Kinetics of Fe2O3-CaO-SiO2 Glass Containing Nucleation Agent P2O5/TiO2”1 [Crystallography Reports 62, 260 (2017)] Bin Li 1 Yongya Wang 1 Wenqin

Effect of different orientations of screw fixation for radial head fractures: a biomechanical comparison

Screw fixation is a common method used for the treatment of Mason type II radial head fractures. The purpose of our study was to evaluate the mechanical properties of three different screw orientations used for fixation of Mason type II radial head fractures. We sawed 24 medium-frequency fourth-generation Synbone radial bones to simulate unstable radial head fractures, which we...

Single-chip 3D electric field microsensor

This paper presents a single-chip 3D electric field microsensor, in which a sensing element is set at the center to detect the Z-axis component of an electrostatic field. Two pairs of sensing elements with the same structure are arranged in a cross-like configuration to measure the X- and Y-axis electrostatic field components. An in-plane rotary mechanism is used in the...

Loss of SPRR3 in ApoE-/- mice leads to atheroma vulnerability through Akt dependent and independent effects in VSMCs

. Atkinson, MacRae F. Linton, Pampee P. Young. Data curation: Caressa D. Lietman, Amanda K. Segedy, Bin Li. Formal analysis: Caressa D. Lietman, Amanda K. Segedy, Bin Li, James B. Atkinson, MacRae F ... . Linton, Pampee P. Young. Funding acquisition: James B. Atkinson, Pampee P. Young. Investigation: Caressa D. Lietman, Amanda K. Segedy, Bin Li, Sergio Fazio. Methodology: Caressa D. Lietman, Amanda K

Microwave absorption properties of SiC@SiO2@Fe3O4 hybrids in the 2–18 GHz range

To enhance the microwave absorption performance of silicon carbide nanowires (SiCNWs), SiO2 nanoshells with a thickness of approximately 2 nm and Fe3O4 nanoparticles were grown on the surface of SiCNWs to form SiC@SiO2@Fe3O4 hybrids. The microwave absorption performance of the SiC@SiO2@Fe3O4 hybrids with different thicknesses was investigated in the frequency range from 2 to 18...

Charged lepton flavor-violating transitions in color octet model

We study charged lepton flavor-violating (LFV) transitions in the color octet model that generates neutrino mass and lepton mixing at one loop. By taking into account neutrino oscillation data and assuming octet particles of TeV scale mass, we examine the feasibility to detect these transitions in current and future experiments. We find that for general values of parameters the...

Robust beamforming and cooperative jamming for secure transmission in DF relay systems

In this paper, we study robust joint beamforming and cooperative jamming (CJ) in a secure decode-and-forward (DF) relay system in the presence of multiple eavesdroppers, in which a multi-antenna DF relay employs transmit beamforming to help the source deliver information to the destination and simultaneously generates Gaussian artificial noise to confuse these eavesdroppers. We...

A novel upconversion nanotheranostic agent for multi-modality imaging-guided chemotherapy with on-demand drug release

upconverting nanotheranostic agent: multi-modality imaging-guided chemotherapy with on-demand drug. Angew Chem Int Ed , 2015, 54: 536-540 1 Bin Li Changchun Institute of Optics Fine Mechanics and Physics

Bruch´s membrane thickness in relationship to axial length

the study. (SAV) Author Contributions Conceptualization: Hai Xia Bai, Bin Li, Jost B. Jonas. Data curation: Hai Xia Bai, Ying Mao, Ling Shen, Xiao Lin Xu, Fei Gao, Zhi Bao Zhang, Bin Li, Jost B ... . Jonas. Formal analysis: Hai Xia Bai, Ying Mao, Ling Shen, Xiao Lin Xu, Fei Gao, Zhi Bao Zhang, Jost B. Jonas. Funding acquisition: Bin Li. Investigation: Hai Xia Bai, Ying Mao, Ling Shen, Xiao Lin Xu

Precipitation of spherical boehmite from concentrated sodium aluminate solution by adding gibbsite as seed

The precipitation of spherical boehmite was studied by surface energy calculations, measurements of precipitation ratios, Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy, X-ray diffraction, scanning electron microscopy, and transmission electron microscopy. The surface energy calculation results show that the (001) and (112) planes of gibbsite surfaces are remarkably stable because of...

Characterization of the complete chloroplast genome of the Chinese cherry Prunus pseudocerasus (Rosaceae)

The Chinese cherry Prunus pseudocerasus is a fruit tree species with high economic and ornamental values. Many of its wild populations are under threat or even on the verge of extinction. Here, its complete chloroplast genome was assembled using next-generation sequencing technology. The circular genome is 157,834 bp long, and contains a pair of inverted repeat (IR) regions of 26...

The genetic variants in 3’ untranslated region of voltage-gated sodium channel alpha 1 subunit gene affect the mRNA-microRNA interactions and associate with epilepsy

Background mRNA expression in a cell or subcellular organelle is precisely regulated for the purpose of gene function regulation. The 3’ untranslated region (3’UTR) of mRNA is the binding target of microRNA and RNA binding proteins. Their interactions regulate mRNA level in specific subcellular regions and determine the intensity of gene repression. The mutations in the coding...