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Development of the Hearts of Lizards and Snakes and Perspectives to Cardiac Evolution

toward the right and incorporate the systemic and pulmonary venous myocardium into the atria. - Funding: Bjarke Jensen and Tobias Wang were supported by The Danish Council for Independent Research

Identifying the Evolutionary Building Blocks of the Cardiac Conduction System

grants from the European Communitys Seventh Framework Programme contract (CardioGeNet 223463 to VMC) and the Netherlands Heart Foundation (NHS 2008B062 to VMC). Tobias Wang and Bjarke Jensen were supported

Evolution and Development of Ventricular Septation in the Amniote Heart

During cardiogenesis the epicardium, covering the surface of the myocardial tube, has been ascribed several functions essential for normal heart development of vertebrates from lampreys to mammals. We investigated a novel function of the epicardium in ventricular development in species with partial and complete septation. These species include reptiles, birds and mammals. Adult...