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NeoAnalysis: a Python-based toolbox for quick electrophysiological data processing and analysis

In a typical electrophysiological experiment, especially one that includes studying animal behavior, the data collected normally contain spikes, local field potentials, behavioral responses and other associated data. In order to obtain informative results, the data must be analyzed simultaneously with the experimental settings. However, most open-source toolboxes currently ...

High step-up quasi-Z-source DC–DC converters with single switched capacitor branch

Power , South China University of Technology, Guangzhou, China. His current research interests include high step-up power electronic converters and renewable energy power generation systems. Bo ZHANG

Association of NLRP3 polymorphisms with susceptibility to primary gouty arthritis in a Chinese Han population

; Polymorphism - Quan-Bo Zhang and Yu-Feng Qing contributed equally to this work. Introduction Gout arthritis (GA) is one of the most common forms of autoinflammatory arthritis among men and is characterized ... Dr. Yan Cai for helpful discussion and kindly technical support. Author contributions Designed the experiments: Quan-Bo Zhang, Yu-Feng Qing, and Jing-Guo Zhou. Performed the experiments: YuFeng Qing

ECG data compression using a neural network model based on multi-objective optimization

: Bo Zhang. Funding acquisition: Bo Zhang, Jianhuang Wu. Investigation: Bo Zhang. Methodology: Jianhuang Wu. Project administration: Jianhuang Wu. Resources: Jianhuang Wu. Software: Xiao Chen ... . Supervision: Jianhuang Wu. Validation: Jiasheng Zhao, Xiao Chen. Visualization: Jiasheng Zhao. Writing ± original draft: Bo Zhang, Jianhuang Wu. Writing ± review & editing: Bo Zhang, Jianhuang Wu. 14 / 16 15

An RFID-based solution for monitoring sprayer movement in an orchard/vineyard

spray monitoring system and performed the experiments. Changyuan Zhai wrote Sects. 2-4 of the manuscript, while Bo Zhang wrote Sect. ‘‘Introduction’’. All authors read and approved the manuscript

Neoadjuvant chemotherapy versus primary debulking surgery in advanced epithelial ovarian cancer: A meta-analysis of peri-operative outcome

, complete cytoreduction; G, residual disease 0±1 cm; H, optimal cytoreduction rate. RR = risk ratio, SE = standard error. (TIF) Author Contributions Conceptualization: Lijuan Yang, Bo Zhang, Yongxiu Yang ... . Data curation: Lijuan Yang, Bo Zhang, Yongxiu Yang. Formal analysis: Lijuan Yang. Investigation: Lijuan Yang, Bo Zhang, Guangyang Xing. Methodology: Lijuan Yang, Bo Zhang, Guangyang Xing, Jingran Du

ROE as a performance measure in performance-vested stock option contracts in China

equity financing whenever annual reported ROE is higher than the after-tax cost of debt divided by the sum of one and after-tax cost of debt. Acknowledgements Bo Zhang acknowledges the financial support

Genome-wide association mapping of resistance to Phytophthora sojae in a soybean [Glycine max (L.) Merr.] germplasm panel from maturity groups IV and V

. Investigation: Bo Zhang. Methodology: Ainong Shi, Song Li. Resources: Qijian Song, Mengchen Zhang, Bo Zhang. Supervision: Bo Zhang. Writing ± original draft: Jun Qin. Writing ± review & editing: Qijian Song ... , Song Li, Bo Zhang. 10 / 11 28. 31. 1. Kandel H . Soybean production field guide for North Dakota and Northwestern Minnesota . 2010 . 2. Dorrance A , McClure S , St. Martin S. Effect of partial

Multi-peak solutions for a nonlinear Schrödinger-Poisson system including critical growth in R 3

We consider the semiclassical states of the Schrödinger-Poisson system: − ε 2 Δ u + V ( x ) u + ϕ ( x ) u = f ( u ) , − Δ ϕ = u 2 in R 3 . By the variational method, we construct a multi-peak solution ( u ε , ϕ ε ) around several given isolated positive local minimum components of V as ε → 0 . The nonlinearity f is of critical growth. Moreover, the monotonicity of f ( s ) / s 3 and ...

iTRAQ protein profile analysis of developmental dynamics in soybean [Glycine max (L.) Merr.] leaves

: Jun Qin, Mengchen Zhang. Investigation: Bo Zhang. Methodology: Jinghua Wang. 11 / 13 Project administration: Mengchen Zhang. Software: Jianan Zhang, Ainong Shi. Validation: Fengmin Wang, Changcheng

Inhibitory effects and mechanism of dihydroberberine on hERG channels expressed in HEK293 cells

Yu. Project administration: Lin Lv, Li Fang, Bo Zhang, Junnan Wang, Ge Zhan, Lei Zhao. Software: Lin Lv. Writing ± original draft: Dahai Yu. Writing ± review & editing: Dahai Yu. 17 / 19 18 / 19 1

Sulfur - fluorine bond in PET radiochemistry

The importance of the sulfur-fluorine bond is starting to increase in modern medicinal chemistry literature. This is due to a better understanding of the stability and reactivity of this moiety depending on the various oxidation states of sulfur. Furthermore, several commercial reagents used for mild and selective fluorination of organic molecules are based on the known reactivity ...

ThMYC4E, candidate Blue aleurone 1 gene controlling the associated trait in Triticum aestivum

Blue aleurone is a useful and interesting trait in common wheat that was derived from related species. Here, transcriptomes of blue and white aleurone were compared for isolating Blue aleurone 1 (Ba1) transferred from Thinopyrum ponticum. In the genes involved in anthocyanin biosynthesis, only a basic helix-loop-helix (bHLH) transcription factor, ThMYC4E, had a higher transcript ...

Solvability of fractional boundary value problems with p-Laplacian operator

This paper studies the existence of solutions for two boundary value problems for the fractional p-Laplacian equation. Under certain nonlinear growth conditions of the nonlinearity, two new existence results are obtained by using Schaefer’s fixed point theorem. MSC: 34A08, 34B15.

Establishing energy requirements for body weight maintenance: validation of an intake-balance method

Background Experimentally establishing a group’s body weight maintenance energy requirement is an important component of metabolism research. At present, the reference approach for measuring the metabolizable energy intake (MEI) from foods required for body weight maintenance in non-confined subjects is the doubly-labeled water (DLW)–total energy expenditure (TEE) method. In the ...

Investigation of Bulk Traps by Conductance Method in the Deep Depletion Region of the Al2O3/GaN MOS Device

Conductance method was employed to study the physics of traps (e.g., interface and bulk traps) in the Al2O3/GaN MOS devices. By featuring only one single peak in the parallel conductance (G p/ω) characteristics in the deep depletion region, one single-level bulk trap (E C-0.53 eV) uniformly distributed in GaN buffer was identified. While in the subthreshold region, the interface ...

The Regulatory Roles of MicroRNA in Effects of 2,2'4,4'-Tetrabromodiphenyl Ether (BDE47) on the Transcriptome of Zebrafish Larvae

The developmental neurotoxicity caused by environmental pollutants has received great concern; however, there were still barely known about the underlying toxic mechanisms, especially the influence of varieties of regulatory factors such as microRNA (miRNA). A representative flame retardant, 2,2′,4,4′-tetrabromodiphenyl ether (BDE47), was found to disrupt zebrafish development in ...