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Scleral surgery for the treatment of presbyopia: where are we today?

Presbyopia corrections traditionally have been approached with attempts to exchange power, either at the cornea or the lens planes, inducing multifocality, or altering asphericity to impact the optical system. Treatments that affect the visual axis, such as spectacle and contact lens correction, refractive surgeries, corneal onlays and inlays, and intraocular lenses are typically...

Visual outcomes 24 months after LaserACE

Group Brad Hall, PhD, Consultant to Ace Vision Group 1. Marmer RH . The surgical reversal of presbyopia: a new procedure to restore accommodation . Int Ophthalmol Clin . 2001 ; 41 : 123 - 32 . 2. von

Aptamer Antagonists of Myelin-Derived Inhibitors Promote Axon Growth

Myelin of the adult central nervous system (CNS) is one of the major sources of inhibitors of axon regeneration following injury. The three known myelin-derived inhibitors (Nogo, MAG, and OMgp) bind with high affinity to the Nogo-66 receptor (NgR) on axons and limit neurite outgrowth. Here we show that RNA aptamers can be generated that bind with high affinity to NgR, compete...

Winter and summer nitrous oxide and nitrogen oxides fluxes from a seasonally snow-covered subalpine meadow at Niwot Ridge, Colorado

The soil emission rates (fluxes) of nitrous oxide (N2O) and nitrogen oxides (NO + NO2 = NO x ) through a seasonal snowpack were determined by a flux gradient method from near-continuous 2-year measurements using an automated system for sampling interstitial air at various heights within the snowpack from a subalpine site at Niwot Ridge, Colorado. The winter seasonal-averaged N2O...