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Aerial application of copper for dothistroma control in New Zealand’s planted forests—effect on stream environments

: Severine Le Faucheur 3 Brenda R. Baillie Limited information is available on the risk to aquatic environments from the aerial application of copper fungicides to treat dothistroma needle blight in managed

Herbicide concentrations in waterways following aerial application in a steepland planted forest in New Zealand

Background The use of herbicides to control competing vegetation in planted forests is an important component of forest management. The increasing public aversion to herbicide use includes the possible contamination of receiving aquatic environments. The risk of surface run-off, leaching and erosion processes transporting herbicide residues to waterways, is potentially higher in...

Water quality in New Zealand’s planted forests: a review

This paper reviewed the key physical, chemical and biological water quality attributes of surface waters in New Zealand’s planted forests. The purpose was to: a) assess the changes in water quality throughout the planted forestry cycle from afforestation through to harvesting; b) compare water quality from planted forests with other land uses in New Zealand; and c) identify...

A survey of herbicide use and a review of environmental fate in New Zealand planted forests

Background This paper examines current herbicide use in New Zealand planted forests. Compliance of key herbicides with existing Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) standards, the key environmental certification body within New Zealand, is also reviewed. Methods Information obtained from a survey of six forest companies operating in New Zealand was used to identify major herbicides...

Does tree harvesting in streamside management zones adversely affect stream turbidity?—preliminary observations from an Australian case study

Purpose In Australia, farmers and natural resource managers are striving to enhance environmental outcomes at farm and catchment scales by planting streamside management zones (SMZs) on farms with trees and other perennial vegetation. Lack of sound information on and funding for establishing and managing trees in SMZs is hindering wide-scale adoption of this practice. Australian...