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Researching new diseases: assumptions and trajectories

New diseases in humans and animals have been the subject of considerable research as well as policy development and popular attention. Researchers commonly proceed on the basis of plausible assumptions about mechanisms, pathways, and dangers but seldom question the assumptions themselves. Studies in the history and sociology of science show that research trajectories are...

Defending university integrity

Universities are seldom lauded publicly for maintaining good processes and practices; instead, media stories commonly focus on shortcomings. Furthermore, universities, even when doing everything right, sometimes are unfairly targeted for criticism in circumstances in which making a public defence is difficult. A prominent case at the University of Wollongong shows how defending a...

Reflections on Censorship

Secrecy and Society by an authorized administrator of SJSU ScholarWorks. For more information , please contact 1 Brian Martin University of Wollongong , Australia Recommended Citation Martin, Brian. 2016 ... Abolition (Berkeley , CA: University of California Press, 2012 ). 4 This is not a neutral summary, but rather reflects my own concerns . 5 One outcome: Brian Martin and Wendy Varney , Nonviolence Speaks

Relaxin reverses inflammatory and immune signals in aged hearts

Contributions Conceptualization: Guy Salama. Data curation: Brian Martin, Beth Ann Gabris-Weber, Rajiv Reddy, Ansuman Chattopadhyay. Formal analysis: Brian Martin, Guillermo Romero, Ansuman Chattopadhyay, Guy ... Salama. Funding acquisition: Guy Salama. Investigation: Guillermo Romero, Guy Salama. Methodology: Beth Ann Gabris-Weber. Supervision: Guillermo Romero, Guy Salama. Visualization: Brian Martin, Guy

Engineered, Spatially Varying Isothermal Holds: Enabling Combinatorial Studies of Temperature Effects, as Applied to Metastable Titanium Alloy β-21S

A novel method to systematically vary temperature and thus study the resulting microstructure of a material is presented. This new method has the potential to be used in a combinatorial fashion, allowing the rapid study of thermal holds on microstructures to be conducted. This is demonstrated on a beta titanium alloy, where the thermal history has a strong effect on...

Modeling of Ti-W Solidification Microstructures Under Additive Manufacturing Conditions

RICHARD LESAR 0 0 MATTHEW R. ROLCHIGO, MICHAEL Y. MENDOZA, DAVID A. BRICE, and BRIAN MARTIN are with the Depart- ment of Materials Science and Engineering, Iowa State University , 2220N Hoover Hall, Ames

Perceptions and Practices of the Iranian Population regarding Skin Cancers: A Literature Review

Despite being preventable, more than 15% of all cancer cases in Iran occur in the skin, making them the most commonly diagnosed malignancy in the country. The purpose of this study is to gain an insight into the current skin cancer related knowledge, attitudes, beliefs, and practices among the Iranian population. A systematic computer based literature search was conducted using...

Euthanasia tactics: patterns of injustice and outrage

Struggles over euthanasia can be examined in terms of tactics used by players on each side of the issue to reduce outrage from actions potentially perceived as unjust. From one perspective, the key injustice is euthanasia itself, especially when the person or relatives oppose death. From a different perspective, the key injustice is denial of euthanasia, seen as a person's right...

Resisting Corruption

corruption scandal is at: For other articles on making injustice backfire, see: Brian Martin is professor of social sciences at ... Martin 0 0 University of Wollongong Follow this and additional works at; http; //ro; uow; edu; au/unity - Abstract What can you do when corrupt operators come after you, trying to discredit, threaten

Participation: The Happiness Connection

Participation in decision-making has the potential to contribute to greater happiness. To explore this connection, we examine three areas: the family, the workplace and politics. In each of these areas, happiness research suggests that greater participation should increase happiness, most directly via the channels of personal relationships and helping others. There is some...

Dilemmas in Teaching Happiness

of University Teaching & Learning Practice , 6(2), 2009. Available at: 1 Brian Martin University of Wollongong 2 University of Wollongong Follow this and additional works at; http; //ro; uow; edu; au ... happiness Chris Barker and Brian Martin University of Wollongong There is a burgeoning amount of research into happiness and greatly increased popular attention, so it seems logical to add a course on

Tactics Against Sexual Harassment: The Role of Backfire

To oppose sexual harassment, it is useful to understand tactics commonly used by perpetrators. A useful approach to tactics is through the concept of backfire: if an action is perceived as unjust and information about it is communicated to receptive audiences, it has the capacity to cause outrage and consequently backfire on the perpetrator. Perpetrators regularly use five types...

Carotid Stiffness and Physical Activity in Elderly—A Short Report of the SAPALDIA 3 Cohort Study

Introduction Regular physical activity has been shown to reduce cardiovascular disease risk in the general population. While smaller studies in specified groups (highly trained versus untrained individuals) indicate a certain dose-dependent effect of physical activity on the reduction of carotid stiffness (an indicator of subclinical vascular disease), it is unclear whether this...

Undergraduate research: a learning process

at any time. Brian Martin Science and Technology Studies University of Wollongong, NSW 2522, Australia phone: 287860 (home), 213763 (work); fax: 213452 e-mail: web: ... /bmartin/ 2. Helen Gillett, Brian Martin and Chris Rust, "Building in nonviolence: nonviolent struggle and the built environment, " Civilian-Based Defense, Vol. 11, No.3, Fall 1996, in press. 3. Brian

Increasing student participation in tutorials

:// vol1/iss2/3 Brian Martin, senior lecturer in the Department of Science and Technology Studies, takes an unconventional view of his role as tutor. He argues that it is his responsibility to ... tutorials. Dr Brian Martin is a senior lecturer in the Department of Science and Technology Studies at the University ofWollongong Editor's note: teaching staff who would like to increase student

BK Lyncis: the oldest old nova and a Bellwether for cataclysmic variable evolution

Franz-Josef Hambsch 17 Tut Campbell 16 George Roberts 21 David Cejudo 20 Shawn Dvorak 15 Tonny Vanmunster 8 Robert Koff 9 David Skillman 7 David Harvey Brian Martin 5 John Rock 6 David Boyd 2 Arto Oksanen

Forecasting the cytokine storm following systemic interleukin (IL)-2 administration

Extensive clinical experience has shown that systemic interleukin (IL)-2 administration can induce complete or partial regression of renal cell cancer (RCC) metastases in 15 to 20 % of patients. Since IL-2 has no direct anti-cancer effects, it is believed that cancer regression is mediated either by a direct modulation of immune cell effector functions or through the mediation of...

Serum Immunoglobulin G4 Antibodies to the Recombinant Antigen, Ll-SXP-1, Are Highly Specific for Loa loa Infection

The clinical manifestations and geographic distribution of loiasis overlap with those of other human filarial parasites, presenting challenges in the specific diagnosis of loiasis that may lead to delays in appropriate therapy. A recombinant antigen (Ll-SXP-1), preferentially recognized by serum samples from experimentally infected rhesus monkeys, was identified from a Loa loa L3...

Magnetic blanketing in white dwarfs

The influence of a strong magnetic field on line blanketing in white dwarfs is studied using a modified version of the model atmosphere programme Atlas. The splitting of the hydrogen lines is incorporated into the programme using an accurate but simple solution for the intensity in the polarized radiative transfer equations. When line broadening is assumed unchanged, magnetic...