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Genetic polymorphisms of antioxidant enzymes CAT and SOD affect the outcome of clinical, biochemical, and anthropometric variables in people with obesity under a dietary intervention

under a dietary intervention César Hernández-Guerrero Alicia Parra-Carriedo Diana Ruiz-de-Santiago Oscar Galicia-Castillo Mario Buenrostro-Jáuregui Carmen Díaz-Gutiérrez Background: Genetic

Women with endometriosis improved their peripheral antioxidant markers after the application of a high antioxidant diet

Background Oxidative stress has been identified in the peritoneal fluid and peripheral blood of women with endometriosis. However, there is little information on the antioxidant intake for this group of women. The objectives of this work were 1) to compare the antioxidant intake among women with and without endometriosis and 2) to design and apply a high antioxidant diet to...