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The Future Prevalence of Sarcopenia in Europe: A Claim for Public Health Action Compliance with Ethical Standard Conflict of interest O. Ethgen, C. Beaudart, F. Buckinx, O. Bruye`re and J.Y. Reginster declare that they have no conflicts of interest pertaining this particular

Nutrition and physical activity in the prevention and treatment of sarcopenia: systematic review

Summary This systematic review summarizes the effect of combined exercise and nutrition intervention on muscle mass and muscle function. A total of 37 RCTs were identified. Results indicate that physical exercise has a positive impact on muscle mass and muscle function in subjects aged 65 years and older. However, any interactive effect of dietary supplementation appears to be...

Antiresorptive Drugs Beyond Bisphosphonates and Selective Oestrogen Receptor Modulators for the Management of Postmenopausal Osteoporosis

. Bernard S. Disteche O. Bruyere Bone and Cartilage Metabolism Unit, CHU Centre Ville, University of Lie`ge , Lie`ge, Belgium 1 J. Y. Reginster (&) A. Neuprez C. Beaudart M. P. Lecart N. Sarlet D. Bernard S