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Genome-Wide Association Identifies Nine Common Variants Associated With Fasting Proinsulin Levels and Provides New Insights Into the Pathophysiology of Type 2 Diabetes

Lars Lind 9 11 Cyrus C. Cooper 11 14 Manuel Serrano- 11 Ele Ferrannini 11 56 Tom J. Forsen 11 18 58 Robert Clarke 11 47 Maria Grazia Franzosi 11 60 Francis S. Collins 11 51 Markku Laakso 5 11 Emmanouil T

Detailed Physiologic Characterization Reveals Diverse Mechanisms for Novel Genetic Loci Regulating Glucose and Insulin Metabolism in Humans

Peter Chines Francis S. Collins Cyrus C. Cooper Elaine M. Dennison Michael R. Erdos Ele Ferrannini Caroline S. Fox Ju rgen Graessler Ke Hao Bo Isomaa Karen A. Jameson Peter Kovacs Johanna Kuusisto Markku