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Hybridization of common reed in North America? The answer is blowing in the wind

and phylogeography worldwide. While K. Saltonstall and C. Lambertini (pers. commun.) have begun to examine this issue, contributions from the wider research community would make this effort more robust

In vitro activity of cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitor CYC202 (Seliciclib, R-roscovitine) in mantle cell lymphomas†

Background:: Mantle cell lymphoma (MCL) has the worst prognosis of all B-cell lymphomas and has poor response to conventional therapy. It is characterized by the presence of a chromosomal translocation t(11:14) (q13;q32) which results in deregulated cyclin D1 expression. Since defects in cell cycle regulation and apoptosis are primary events in MCL, small-molecule inhibitors of...